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"A goal is nothing more than a vehicle to enhance your enjoyment of something you love.

If it doesn’t do that, it’s not worth setting."

From this simple starting point, Out of Reach but In Sight explores the opportunities which arise when you learn to identify, evaluate, and achieve your goals.

Andrew LaCivita points out the long-sought “secret to success” doesn’t exist, because everyone has different priorities and different dreams. Instead of hunting for this nonexistent secret, he recommends learning how to identify, set, and achieve goals, allowing you to customize your own path to success and happiness.

LaCivita points out the process of setting and working toward a goal is as important as the goal itself, and capable of bringing unexpected joys and rewards. Once you know the formula for achieving your goals, anything will become possible.

Quotes from Amazon Reviews

“I was in the audience for the speech he gave that became this book. Andrew LaCivita literally held three hundred people mesmerized for an entire hour.”

“I loved the storytelling approach the author took when illustrating the lessons. The book is simple and effective and will help anyone of any age in any profession or hobby.”

“This book is a fun, fast read that will literally inspire you to immediately set a higher bar in life.”

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You can find much more information regarding Out of Reach but in Sight as well as the media kit on the milewalk Website. Click here for more details! 

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