Job Search Success Stories
and Lessons from Around the World!


Check out just a few of the many wonderful stories and featured lessons from people around the world using these tactics successfully to get their dream jobs! The program boasts members from nearly 200 countries, ranging in ages from 22 to 75, with a spectrum of job-pursuit and career-changing goals all leveraging the best job searching techniques! It makes no difference whether you are starting your career, a savvy executive, unemployed, been at your employer for many years, moving countries, or want to completely change careers. You'll see from these stories how the program can work for you!

Unemployed during holidays, need remote position!  

You suddenly find yourself out of work in November!

Meet Jess, a sales enablement and training professional, with specific working requirements such as needing a remote position.

Learn the tactics she used start to finish capping it off with a great job!


Unexpectedly unemployed.

She found herself out of work unexpectedly as the holiday season kicked off.

Needed remote position.

Based on her family situation, she needed a certain type of opportunity that offered a remote working arrangement.

Worried about showing value.

Wasn't sure how to show her value, especially considering she is a "support" resource.

Interviewing challenges.

Admits she was previously preparing for interviews incorrectly.


What if you needed to find a job in a new country?  


What if you were "stuck" in a new country during the pandemic?

Meet Mahshid "from" Canada and learn exactly how she secured a great job with a top-shelf company.

She shares how to overcome the toughest job search challenges!

New country.

She and her husband were exploring a move from Iran to Canada and got “stuck” in Canada because of the pandemic!

No network.

She had no network and didn’t know how to form one so she applied online for jobs, but despite a sensational financial background was having no luck.

Lacked confidence.

Confused to begin with because of being in a new country, her confidence really started to wane after 10 months of unsuccessful job searching.

Didn't know "worth."

While she understood her financial value as it related to earnings in Iran, she had no idea of what she was worth or could earn in Canada.

New Professionals!

How about these recent college graduates and young guns?!

"After my exams were done, I bought Andy’s program and learned everything I could from it. I reached out to a company on a Monday. They got back to me within an hour to schedule an interview. Way ahead of schedule they called to offer an entry-level position! I’m over-the-moon excited and want to thank you, Andy, for your amazing program and all the work you put into it. I 100% recommend Andy’s job search strategies to anyone who is looking for a way to step into their new career!"

--Ashley S.

"Andy, thank you so much for guiding me through this! With your coaching, I nearly doubled my salary in such a short period of time. If anyone is on the fence about getting the program, GET IT! It is way worth it. Andy’s lessons got me a raise in my new job that is leaps and bounds over the price I paid for the program!"

--Denisse A.

"I really cannot thank you enough for your help and what your coaching has done for me! After struggling to land an internship, I joined the program and landed a full-time position by bypassing the internship process completely. Based on what I paid for the program, my ROI was 200X! This was the easiest investment I have ever made. Thank you Andy for all you do!"

--Kyle D.

"Hi Andy, I want to give you a status update. I officially signed my UPDATED OFFER and start my new position next month! THANK YOU for the coaching session. You helped me navigate my first negotiation process. While I was worried, I shouldn’t have because my new company increased my base salary by $10,000 and gave me an extra signing bonus all from me having the confidence to negotiate and ask! So I want to thank you again. I am beyond happy and excited for my new role!"

--Krystal S.

"I took your advice and made the call and spoke with them (a potential employer). I shared the news of receiving an offer from another company. I was completely taken back with the leap in their offer from $48,000 to $70,000 in only a 10-minute phone call. Thank you so much for coaching me through this and the entire job search as well. I’m so happy right now!"

--Maitrayee S.

A few short, powerful inspirationals!                


"One day I just asked myself, ‘How did I even get here?’ I wasn’t happy with where I was. But, my problem was I didn’t know where to go and didn’t know how to fix the situation. I was trying a bunch of things online. Nothing stuck. […] I felt completely alone. Exhausted. Burned out. Didn’t know what to do [...] Going through Andy’s job search program has been life changing and one of the best decisions and investments I’ve made for myself."

--Michael M.

"Don’t waste your time trying to piece together free stuff online. You can take forever doing that or just do what Andy says and get to a better place faster. I was unemployed and trying to change functions. I joined the program and literally within weeks had multiple offers and chose a great opportunity that doubled my salary…all thanks to Andy’s techniques."

--Kat H.


Moving countries!

Looking for a job in a new country? Recently relocated to a new country? No problem!

"Andy, I received 2 job offers yesterday. I still can't believe this is true. Everything I learned from your teaching worked! Now, I'll be starting my first job after immigrating from the other side of the world! Even more than the job searching skills, you boosted my confidence and showed me how to get organized. I feel I gained so much more than landing a job. I have learned skills, gained confidence, changed my lifestyle, expanded my network, and belong to a community full of amazing people. I can't believe all that happened within 3 months! You and the milewalk team are just amazing."

--Tammy C.

"I moved from Europe to the US and was struggling. The first coaches I found told me I wouldn’t find what I was looking for because I worked for myself for a couple years and because I was not willing to relocate. I found Andy and he was incredibly positive and supportive in a time when I needed it most. His personal attention, support and all the helpful tips on job searching and interviewing are incredible. Most importantly, he gave me the confidence I needed to go for it and not give up in a tough process. Within 7 weeks, I had 3 job offers and just completed my first week in my dream job!

--Kathi E.

"I tried searching for a new job on my own for a year and a half. It was rather miserable because I didn’t really know how to do it. I decided to change my tactics and started to follow Andy’s videos and then joined the program. Within a very short-period of time, I not only passed several rounds of interviews and a presentation for 30 people, but also got the job and managed to negotiate a nice salary increase!(Germany to Switzerland!)

--Maxim P.

"Thank YOU so much, Andy. I can't thank you enough. I truly learned a lot from you because your program is amazing and awesome, which helps people pursue their own dream and goals. My life and career would have been a lot different if I had known you even a few years earlier!" (South Korea to Germany!)

--Rachael K.

New country, work gap, no visa = High job + 2X pay!       

A human resources pro who moved from Canada to the US!

Meet Rachel who was trying to run an effective job search while pursuing a visa!

She has a ton of pointers for every job-seeker!


Moved countries.

She and her husband moved from Canada to the United States. Didn't really understand how the US market worked.

Out of work 1+ year.

She had been out of work for over a year and was trying to navigate a job search amidst the pandemic and no work visa. 

"Inexperienced," "under-educated."

She wasn't quite sure her Canadian HR experience transferred because it differs from US HR laws. She had a similar issue with her educational degrees.

No work visa.

She was not yet authorized to work in the US, so was trying to be productive in her search while pursing the visa process. 

Japan to the US and changing industries too!      


What if you left your family right before the pandemic hit to head to where you wanted to work?

Meet Sean from Japan and learn exactly how he managed to fail--at first--but kept at it by fixing every job-search issue he faced!

Moving countries.

He and his family lived in Japan for 25 years and wanted to move back to the United States.

Changing industries.

He had primarily been in the sports marketing arena and wanted to change to digital and technology space.

No network.

Being away from the US for so long left him with no network or stale at best. Bring a senior leader he knew he needed to build one quickly.

Interviewing issues.

During his interviews, he realized he was having trouble with storytelling and didn't realize how he was coming across "through the camera."

Jumping back into the workforce!

Don't let a little "in-transition" period get you down. It doesn't matter if you're unemployed at the moment. You can do this!

From laid off to 3 job offers and a new city!        


You wake up one day to find out you're now unemployed!

Meet Beth who worked at a non-profit organization in Florida and will soon reside in Texas working for a blue-chip company.

Learn how she mapped out her search with loads of lessons!

Recently laid off.

One day she's in a great job and the next she unexpectedly finds herself unemployed.

Sector change.

She wanted to change from the non-profit sector to the commercial sector and needed to figure out the path.

Moving locations.

She wanted to move to one of two targeted geographies. So, she chartered a job search path to do it.

Branding issue.

She has a generalist background in non-profit and needed to figure out how to market and sell herself to commercial companies.

"Just amazing. I was out of work, but joined the program, spent time each day watching and listening to the program. It inspired me to be diligent in my search and try new (to me) and effective ways to find my dream job. As a result, I will be a site director for a large international company, which is a step up in role and responsibilities and a nearly 65% increase in salary from my previous job. Without you (Andy), the team, and the entire milewalk Academy family, I would not be as happy and joyous as I am today!"

--Joe W.

"If you are thinking about joining the program…DO IT!! Three weeks ago I didn’t even have an updated resume and now I have a great job with a great company making $50,000 more than my last job!"

--Cassie F.

"I’m excited to share I accepted a client service manager job today! Thank you Andy for everything you did! Your coaching and wisdom helped me tremendously to secure the job. Thanks also to my fellow #BOOTCAMPERS and Facebook community for your support!"

--Ben Z.

"Andy, today is THE DAY. I was officially sworn in as a civilian employee for the US Air/Space Force. All thanks to you. You are so special! By now, you probably know I’m weeee close to tattooing MWA somewhere on my body! I am proud to say I have YOU as a career coach and look forward to the leadership program!"

--Alina G.

"milewalk success story from a #BOOTCAMPER! I followed Andy’s coaching, mentoring and wisdom this past year. I just became the Service Manager at Metro Honda. And, the position pays three times my previous salary! His techniques truly work!"

--Gary H.

Out of work and want to get into a new market?  


What if you faced these odds, but really wanted this career change?

Meet Nina from France and learn exactly how she broke into a new space.

She teaches you no obstacle is too great!

Out of work.

She had an accident and had a medical issue that kept her out of work to rehabilitate. Then, she started job searching and was having a lot of difficulty.

Changing careers.

She wanted to break into a completely new area (CyberSecurity), but didn’t have the requisite skills or experience.

No network.

Double whammy. She didn’t know people to help her search and was at a disadvantage because, as an alliance director, employers wanted to hire someone with a network in the space.

Males "preferred."

Her targeted sector is predominantly male-oriented and there is something of a “good-ole-boys” affinity in this close-knit community.

"Andy, I’m so grateful for you and your program! Since joining the Bootcamp 3 months ago, I’ve received 2 offers with a 15 to 25% pay increase while moving into a new career as a Data Scientist. I accepted my preferred offer and start next month. Thank you so much!!"

--Rebecca C.

"I want to share some good news with you. I have accepted a job with AMAZON! I started my career pivot and followed your steps too career change success and reached my goal of breaking into TECH and increased my salary 34%! I want to THANK YOU so much. Your material helped guide me through this whole process. There were times when I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and wanted to give up. Thank you again Andy!"

--Ana R.

"Andy, thanks to your help I’m working in a career I love!! Leaving my 16+ year career was a touch terrifying. Thanks to the guidance of this inspiring coach, I came out the other side with my only regret that I didn’t do it sooner. It’s so easy to settle out of fear on a job, but I’m so glad I took the chance. My family also personally thanks you. With your passion and expertise, I’m now enjoying more time than ever with my two boys and husband! And, much to our surprise, we didn’t have to sacrifice our financial security to do it!! I never thought I’d find a career with those perks PLUS actually loving what I do and feeling valued. Your passion is felt in every video, letter, and email. You have inspired me to continue to self-evaluate, question my “assumptions,” and continue to grow through this next phase of my career and life. Thank you again!"

--Stacy L.

"I took my time with the program and really tried to understand the mindset behind the course. I spent a considerable amount of time revamping my LinkedIn Profile and building connections. This helped get connected with a recruiter and I moved quickly through the process. The program was worth its weight in gold. I just accepted an offer to start my dream job in a totally different field—which I never thought was possible. I want to thank Andy so much for all the resources and encouragement. I couldn’t be happier!"

--Chris C.

"Andy is start to finish and in between the best advisorcommunicatormotivator and friend I have ever worked with. He gives you the tools to discover your worth and what you want in your career and guaranteed if you invest in his coaching program, take a lot of notes, attend his sessions, listen, work and trust the process, you will find the dream job that truly makes you happy. It worked for me! Thank you Andy!!!"

--Shari N.

"After almost 6 months out of work I got the job! And, not just any old job, but a great job with plenty of growth and opportunity! I’m a career changer, making a major pivot from rural small business to big business IT moving to the big city! I know this would not have been possible without Andy’s teachings and the of the milewalk Academy!"

--Cory S.

"For those over 50 it is no problem. It ain’t. Listen to Andy. Trifecta in job search. 1) I am over 50. 2) Changing careers. 3) Moving to a new city. I have 2 offers! If you can, take the program. Andy’s program with the videos and templates golden and you will learn so much about how to negotiate the best offer for yourself!"

--Kelley K.

A performance artist who wants to become a financial analyst?

Meet Tracey who wasn't going to waste time making mistakes on something this important!

She has valuable job-seeking pointers, especially for career changers!


Big career change.

She was a performance artist and fitness trainer and wanted to support an ESG organization in an analytical capacity.

No experience.

She had virtually no hands-on experience related to these types of organizations or working in the kinds of roles she was interested in pursuing.

"Wrong" education.

While educated, her studies didn't align to the change she wanted to make, so she needed to quickly supplement her resume with certifications and courses.

Narrative issues.

While networking, many people told her, "I don't get your background. I'm not sure how you'll fit." So, she needed to get her storytelling in order and focused on "feeding the funnel!"

Executive? Over 50?

The program is tailor-made for senior executives and those in the higher-age demographic! Whether you're one the other or both, you're covered!

"Andy, you helped me reconfirm what was most important to me. I used you tips in preparing, interviewing, and following. Finally, when it came to negotiating, I got a higher base, guaranteed severance package, a sign on bonus, and guaranteed first-year bonus. It’s a very healthy package! You made me believe ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Thank you for all your help and encouragement!"

--Lora G.

"Based on my compensation change, my return on investment for the program was 87X! I don’t think I could have gotten there without this program. But, money aside, there were so many valuable aspects of this program that go well beyond just job searching. Andy teaches concepts, especially as they relate to introspectionself-awareness and others that have helped me lead a more fulfilling life!"

--Mark P.

"After underperforming in a job interview, I searched for help and luckily stumbled upon Andy’s Job Search Coaching Program. It decoded the art of the job search and taught me effective end-to-end skills to land a fantastic job. The program is organizedeasy-to-follow and full of positive energy. It includes all the tools you need. Above all, the program is personable. I am pleased and amazed at Andy and his team’s commitment to each job seeker. During my search journey, Andy and his team quickly addressed my questions and offered advice. They followed up on my progress. I successfully landed a leadership job just after a month joining the program and following Andy’s guidance. I couldn’t have done it without the help of milewalk Academy. Thank you!"

--Debbie C.

"After almost three years of searching, I finally found success! I was made an offer for a Software Project Manager job supporting learning and development for the military. The company I will be working for has been around for a while and I must say I was impressed by their response to Covid-19. The Interview Intervention book helped me prepare, as did sitting in on the many offerings Andy included in the Job Search Coaching Program. I can’t wait to get started on the next phase of my career. Thanks, everyone, at the milewalk Academy!"

--Jessica I.

"Today, I found out 35,000 people nationwide applied for the position. I know I could not have done it without you. I can never repay you or say thank you enough for bolstering the sagging confidence of this 74 year old. Andy, thank you so much to you and your team!"

--Jayme Z.

Unexpectedly out of work as a 63-year-old CIO!             

Unemployed involuntarily for the first time can be scary!

Meet Russ from the US who was concerned he wouldn't be able to show his true value to an employer.

He teaches us what it really takes to run a successful search!



He found himself out of work because of a management shakeup.

Possible ageism.

He is over 60 years old, which invites possible age discrimination from employers.

Limited jobs.

He wasn't sure how to show his value, especially considering his age.

Interview challenges.

He admits he was interviewing "all wrong."

63-year-old entrepreneur wanted to go from
self-employed to full-time employee!  


Want to get off the self-employment track and find a permanent home?

Meet Jana, an entrepreneur determined to find the right organization to join full time.

She teaches the ins and outs and nuances of accomplishing this goal!

Self employed.

She has run her own LLC for much of her career and straight through for the last eight years.

Possible ageism.

She is over 60 years old, which invites possible age discrimination from employers.

Branding issues.

She is skilled in many areas related to creative products, but needed to figure out the best way to advertise her expertise.

Hasn't job searched.

It's been a long while since she job searched and hasn't really run a full-blown job search during her career.

Out of work, never job searched, facing ageism?         

What if you haven't really had to "search" for a job?

Meet Kyle from the US who was confused by this "new" style of interviewing, but is a quick learner.

He teaches you how to close the gaps to become successful!


Hasn't searched.

Changed jobs a few times in his career, but never really needed to do a “full out” search. Was also at one company for a long time (18 years).

Possible ageism.

Worked at large companies, but now later in his career needed to search and faced potential age discrimination especially at startups.

Limited jobs.

He thought only publicized opportunities were available and limited his search to what was visible online.

Interview issues.

Confused by this “new” style of interview, the types of questions asked, and wasn’t having luck because of the odd approach employers used during interviews.

Same company for a LONG time?

Were the dinosaurs still alive last time you changed jobs? Ha! You got this!

"Andy, after 23 years at Kellogg’s, I was downsized with 150 others. 5 weeks to the day, I landed my dream job and am in my first week of my new career! Thanks for the direction and encouragement you provide. Your direction really helped me lock in this new role quickly. Thank you VERY much. God bless you!"

--Andy R.

"Sweet Success! Thank you Andy! Keep it up! Andy's techniques and instructions work! I am 60 years old, quit my job in December to take a break and travel. Then, yikes—along came Covid—and everything changed. I have had different jobs, but in the same organization for 26 years so my resume, job searching and interviewing skills needed help! I followed Andy’s advice and the program. I took my time and last week landed two excellent offers and had the delight of choosing the job that best fit me by utilizing the Criteria Questions Matrix in the Boot Camp I completed at the beginning of this journey. I start my new job as a Clinical Director of a Home Health Agency next week and I thank you Andy from the bottom of my heart!"

--Sonda S.

"I accepted an offer this week for a new position. After 25 years (19 years with the same company), I’ll be leaving enterprise IT for IT Consulting. I’m moving to a new city, taking on interesting new challenges, and will be working with great people. The Job Search Coaching Program and Interview Intervention were so valuable during my entire process. I cannot thank Andy enough. I’m so excited to be starting a new chapter in my career!"

--Ed D.

"Andy’s job search program was a life changer for me. After being with the same company for more than 20 years, I decided to take the risk and find a new job. Andy’s program covers very practical applications in your job search whether you’re straight out of college or a very tenured professional like myself. I’ve tried different cookie-cutter, job-search approaches but Andy’s Bootcamp is far so far from that. You will get real-world tactics that actually work!"

--Raul T.

In a new job, over 50, need to leave in first year?  


What if you got a new job, but your work environment was toxic?

Meet Art from the US who knew he needed to change before his first year was up.

He teaches you 15 fabulous lessons on how to thrive in your search!

New employer.

He just took a new job and within the first month realized he needed to get out. Touchy to say the least.

Over 50.

He is well-credentialed, but still in the potential ageism category. Plus, he could be construed as a job hopper.


He needed to make sure he had the proper way to explain his situation to potential employers.

Multiple offers.

Turns out, his biggest issue became which job offer to accept. Any of them doubled his pay!

And a host of more wonderfulness!

The truth is sometimes we're facing all kinds of challenges. Whatever your issues are, just like these people, the job search coaching program can help you!

"I joined the program for help with resume and interviewing, but didn't realize how much more went into a successful job search. Andy's approach provided the tools I needed, but more importantly, gave me the clarity and confidence to use them effectively. I landed a terrific role at the company I'd been targeting for years as a result. Grateful for Andy and the bootcamp community!"

--Larry D.

"I used Andy’s program to articulate my professional goals, update my resume, and refine my interviewing skills. Fast forward...past 2 days of interviews with a total of 10 partners and 2 associates. Grand total of 4 weeks of time. Yesterday, I accepted an offer at an excellent law firm. And, I used Andy’s “letter of resignation” template to resign from my current job! I start my new job in a few weeks. Thank you Andy!"

--Scholastica B.

"Hey Andy, I just got an amazing job offer and I start Monday! 25% higher than my last job and in a more desirable field of tax. Started the challenge in the job search program on July 30th and begin my new job on August 12th! Thank you!"

--Ben H.

"Andy was there from day one. I had to do the work and with Andy in my corner, providing the tools, guidance, support, and motivation, I am in my dream job!! Having gained the confidence and clarity to know what I really wanted and deserved in my next role, I passed on two job offers, that didn't quite hit the mark, to accept a position that I absolutely love. Coach Andy even helped me negotiate a sign-on bonus and other benefits. Andy gets to know YOUHe really cares and gives his all every day to his members. You will love this program!"

--Connie C.

"Andy, I need to testify! Ok, so at first I was discouraged with the whole ATS thing, and fell down the rabbit hole of scanning my resume to death in order to meet the ATS criteria. You said to stop, so I did, but only after failing miserably, over and over again. I went back to the resume you had worked on with me, highlighted my experience in the areas I wanted to work in opposed to trying to fit in, and pretty much said, “This is it.” Fast forward, sent it out, got and crushed the interview, staying focused and use the tactics you taught in Interview Interventionreceived and accepted offer! By the way, based on the requirements you had laid out for us to document for targeting companies, this company scored #1. Best Job, Best Organization... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! You are the man! Thank you!"

--Gabe D.

"About 8 months ago I used the program and Andy’s framework to secure my dream job. Sadly, the position is no more due to company restructure because of COVID. I’m thrilled to say I just jumped back into the program and now I have accepted a new position! THANK YOU to Andy for giving me the right toolsmindset, and confidence to go out there and bag myself another brilliant opportunity!"

--Kirsty B.

"I joined the program on June 11th and the first thing Andy told me was, “Keep an upbeat outlook, work the process, ask us for help and it'll work out!!!” I did and it did! After 8 interviews and two rounds of negotiations, I received the good news. I start my new position on July 20th. The hard work pays off. I’m extremely happy and grateful. Thanks, so much Andy for helping me to believe that I could do it, for giving me the right advice, and also for making me laugh with your answers. Also, thanks to Stacy and Kara. Great, great team. This works. It really does. Just keep going!!"

--Sonia V.

Changing sectors, location, and get your pay right?   


What if you want to go from the public sector to private sector, move states, get a remote job, AND significantly increase your compensation?

Meet Teya from the US who figured it all out!

Sector change.

She was in the public sector in Kansas and wanted to move into the private sector (got a job with a software company!).

Needed remote job.

She has family on both coasts in the US. She is moving to the East Coast and knows she will eventually move to the West Coast. Needs flexibility.


Her experience and skill level were well-above her current compensation level. When she moved to Kansas, she took a significant pay-cut.

Diverse Background.

Because of her diverse background, she wanted to ensure her search was focused not on what she could do, but what she truly wanted to do.


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