The Hiring Prophecies Book Experience

Enjoy this wonderful, full-modality experience of Andrew LaCivita's book The Hiring Prophecies: Psychology behind Recruiting Successful Employees.
The book won the eLit Gold Award for best Business/Careers/Sales book 2016!
These unique milewalk techniques found in The Hiring Prophecies have received accolades from the Human Resources and Recruiting community and are now sought by various HR bodies such as The Institute for Human Resources, which in 2013 began including the milewalk techniques as part of their Quality of Hire certification credits. This methodology has proven to be 233% more effective than the average for recruiters and corporations.
This experience includes the book, eBook, and audiobook, which contains a behind-the-scenes backstory that inspired the book!

More about the book!

A ten-year study by milewalk, which included more than ten thousand employees and two hundred companies, surfaced the hidden reasons why employers have difficulty hiring and retaining top talent.

A job candidate’s often faulty decision-making approach coupled with short-term emotions and other external influencers exacerbate an already-systemic issue regarding how employers evaluate job seekers. Companies will struggle with these challenges until they fully understand and account for the real reasons they have difficulty recruiting the right resources.

In The Hiring Prophecies: Psychology behind Recruiting Successful Employees, a milewalk Business Book, learn a proven recruitment methodology that counteracts these ever-present challenges when evaluating job candidates. Once employers understand and implement the methods that address the true predictors of recruiting and retention success, they will be on their way to hiring employees who stay!

The Hiring Prophecies will become your indispensable guide to:

  • Understand the leading indicators of recruiting and retention success.
  • Develop an optimized recruitment process that pulls in the strongest job candidates and quickly dismisses unrecruitable ones.
  • Learn the most effective job interview techniques and questions to evaluate the candidate.
  • Counteract the candidate’s often faulty decision-making approach that includes moral algebra techniques.
  • Overcome the candidate’s short-term emotions of loss, hardship, and overconfidence.
  • Neutralize the candidate’s outside interference from current employer, potential suitors, mentors, and cyberspace.

Quotes from Amazon Reviews

“This book is a silver bullet for employers. It not only surfaces many of the hidden (and obvious) issues with recruitment, but also gives you the prescription to fix them.”

“This book is great. It’s about time someone wrote a comprehensive view of recruiting from the vantage point of both sides: the employer AND the job seeker.”

“This book will definitely make you rethink your approach to recruiting.”

See the full list of Amazon Reviews here!

You can find much more information regarding The Hiring Prophecies as well as the media kit on the milewalk Website. Click here for more details!

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