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  even though your qualifications were a perfect fit?

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My name is Andrew LaCivita, and if you’re a professional, college student, or anyone seeking the right job and career, I can help. 
As founder of the executive search firm milewalk, I’ve learned a thing or two about hiring and job searching. 
I’ve coached nearly 12,000 people on how to get more fulfillment from their careers, helped more than 500 individuals successfully find new jobs, written a gold award-winning hiring book, and created a job interviewing methodology that has statistically proven to increase your chance of getting hired by more than 233%.
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Start in the Right and Best Place

Review your current situation and needs to build a foundation for interviewing success and making solid career decisions.

Know Why You Actually Get the Job

Understand the 3 reasons you actually get the job, none of which has to do with your qualifications.

Ace Every Type of Job Interview

Nail the phone screen, in person interview, and group discussion no matter what.

Answer the 14 Most Effective Questions

Learn the 14 most effective interview questions, why they're asked, what the employer is looking for, and exactly how to answer them.

Tell Stories that Wow the Interviewer

Master the 5 keys to telling great stories, which get the job interviewer to like you, believe you, and remember you.

Ask the Most Brilliant Questions

Get information AND sell yourself using 3 key components when asking effective questions that lead to great decisions.

Interview the Employer with 75 ?'s

Gather complete insight by organizing your questions into 4 categories with 75 questions to ask before you take any job.

Close the Interview Like a Winner

Finish the job interview leaving no doubt in the interviewer's mind you are the right person for the job.

Impress Them with Your Thank Yous

Discover how to use the thank-you process to continue to sell yourself to the employer. Learn the exact language to use in your emails and cards.

Negotiate Your Salary Like a Pro

Master the art of negotiating your salary so you optimize your income and never feel underpaid.

Make Smart Career Decisions

Learn good decision-making techniques and understand the biggest pitfalls to ensure you make a wise choice.

Resign with Class and Leave in Style

Learn the proper way to resign and use effective resignation letter templates to make sure you leave in style.



Enjoy instant access to the entire training program, move at your own pace, and skip around as needed.

On the Go!

The entire training program is optimized for your mobile device so learning on the go is easy and convenient.


Coaching Videos & Audios Sessions!

View powerful coaching videos averaging 5-6 minutes each for a total course time of less than 3 hours. All videos contain downloadable audio and notes for your reference. Listen to 14 audio sessions so you have quick access to how to answer common job interview questions.

10 Guides and Templates!

Download guides, worksheets, templates and more that enhance learning from the videos. Get guides on everything from overall job interview preparation and what to be ready for to acing any type of interview, storytelling, 75 questions to ask, closing the interview, thanking the employer, negotiating your salary, resigning, and more!


You get lifetime access, surprise bonuses, and many perks!

eBook & Audiobook

You get an Interview Intervention digital experience including the eBook and Audiobook to enhance your learning and reinforce the video lessons.

Facebook Group

Gain access to the milewalk Academy Private Facebook group filled with resources and conversation with others.

Onpoint Support

Comment, ask questions, and communicate with Andrew and the other students right in the lessons. Get help where and when you need it.




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My 100% Hassle-Free Guarantee

Try the Interview Intervention Course for a full 30 days. The entire course is delivered immediately upon purchase. This way, you have access to the entire program and can review it over the course of one month.

If you do not feel the content will help you achieve the results you desire, you can contact me at support(at) and ask for your 100% of your money back. I believe people are genuine and will treat you that way. I'll take you at your word.

Get an eBook and Audiobook with the Program!

Interview Intervention: Communication That Gets You Hired has been downloaded or purchased by more than 100,000 people interested in improving their careers. It's a focal point for training the milewalk job candidates who statistically outperform other job seekers by a whopping 560% in getting the job thanks to using these job interview techniques!

Never worry about another job interview for the rest of your life!


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Can I get these results simply from buying the book?
There is no question you'll benefit from buying the book, which is a much less expensive option. The performance results I've stated in the program are based on the combination of my coaching and the job candidates' reviews of the Interview Intervention book. That coaching is provided in the videos included in this program. I've also added self-discovery, decision-making, and more lessons, which aren't in the book to increase your performance.


Can I piece together what I need from all the free content you and others provide?
The biggest issue you face with free content or bite-size content is you aren’t able to see the complete picture. There are many free blog posts, checklists, and guides on job interviewing, but nothing this comprehensive or time-tested. You don’t need to go it alone when you have this in-depth coaching from the videos as well as support from our great community.


How will I stay on schedule with the training when I'm so strapped for time? 
There is no schedule! It’s self-paced. You can watch the entire program in a couple of hours. The videos are broken into 5-6 minute segments and you can listen to them on the go. If you’re even reading this or considering this program, you likely need help at a pivotal point in your career. A few hours to invest in something so critical will pay in the long run.


What if I have questions as I’m going through the training?
You can actually ask questions right in the module you’re viewing. There is a comments section where you can access me, my team, and other students. Simply ask your question and we’ll respond as quickly as possible. Wouldn’t it be awesome if every trainer or author offered this?


Can you tell me more about the ongoing coaching program and why it’s important? 
I felt it was extremely important to interact directly with the students to ensure they realized their full growth potential. This is much more difficult if the student doesn’t have the chance to ask questions or hear responses from other students’ questions. That’s why I’m including three months of ongoing coaching in this program for all students. Lastly, I realize not everyone will be able to make the scheduled times, so I'll record the coaching webcasts so students can watch or re-watch them at their convenience.


How long can I keep or access the training? 
You have lifetime access. Another awesome element is when I add stuff to it, I’ll give it to you for free. You’re welcome. :)