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"Andy gets to the heart and soul of inspiring maximum human potential. His path-breaking work includes must-reads and must follows for anyone who aspires to a fuller, richer experience of life. His Leadership Program members will definitely learn to maximize professional expression of their potential."
--Chuck Peruchini, Senior Consulting Executive, United States

How you will benefit from this program!

If you’re looking to live a fulfilled life and enjoy a wonderful career, this program is for you! It’s aimed at making you the best YOU you can be. After all, you are you 100% of the time—wherever you go. Why not enjoy yourself AND inspire others?

Enjoy life to the fullest!

Regardless of who you are or your present situation, you need a solid mindset, attitude, and energy level to help you stay upbeat and positive. The problem is we’ve not usually been taught to actually build the skills we often need to draw upon to keep the proper mindset. Have you ever been taught how to build confidence, focus, concentrate, design an essential life, or deal with something unexpected? Chances are you haven’t, but the good news is this program does just that!

Achieve more in your career!

Speaking of never being taught, have you ever learned to design your career? How to choose your direction, build the right skills to get there, manage your year, month, week, and day? Set the right goals? Know how to work toward them? Communicate with your boss or management team? There is a lot that goes into being an effective employee or starting your own business. This is just a small sample of what you’ll learn as it relates to your career!

Become an influential leader!

Leaders are NOT born. They’re made. Usually self-made. But, there’s nothing wrong with getting the help you need when it comes to building leadership qualities and skills. Leaders know how to gain trust, communicate in all forms, persuade, motivate, manage risks, and get results. And, they build wonderful professional and personal networks filled with the right relationships, which they nurture so they’re mutually beneficial. Lessons related to build these leadership skills are inside!

"Thank YOU so much, Andy. I can't thank you enough. I truly learned a lot from you because your program is amazing and awesome, which helps people pursue their own dream and goals. My life and career would have been a lot different if I had known you even a few years earlier!"
--Rachael Kim, Senior Financial Executive, South Korea, Germany

What will I learn? What’s inside?

Leadership means different things to different people, but I think all leaders have particular qualities, skills, and way of living their personal and professional lives. The topics I cover each month are aimed at helping you improve several areas to build those particular traits. These areas include…

Lifestyle + Wellness!

Our well-being is THE foundation and enabler of everything we do. It makes no difference whether you’re enjoying time with a loved one, trying to focus, building great habits, designing your life, or dealing with an expected change. You must know how to build and maintain your energy. THIS is a key success factor to enjoying all aspects of life!

Organization + Productivity!

There is getting stuff done and there is getting the RIGHT stuff done. There is being productive on a single day or year and there is accomplishing much over your lifetime. We tend to overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can accomplish in our lifetime. Inside the program, you’ll learn to be organized and productive as you work to achieve your highest goals!

Success + High Performance!

There are foundational abilities and beliefs to be successful. And, there are skills and approaches to becoming a high performer. Inside the program, I cover building confidence, making great long-term decisions, learning how to persevere, managing risk, and more essentials. Of course, your attitude plays a big part in your overall success, but you also need the strategies and tactics to position yourself for success and overcome the inevitable challenges!

Communication + Influence!

All great leaders communicate effectively—using all mediums across demographics and situations. From speaking, persuading, and listening effectively to dealing with difficult people, you’ll learn to become a master communicator who inspires those around you. You’ll learn what’s truly happening when people communicate, how you can detect what matters most, and what to do to achieve the results you want!

Developing Relationships!

A huge part of success in life comes from the people we surround ourselves with, the kind of relationships we build with them, and what we do to nurture those connections. Whether you’re planting seeds by building your personal brand and packaging your personal story, proactively reaching out to people to expand your professional network, or maintaining those relationships by building trust, you will be completely covered thanks to the lessons inside!

Building Teams + Culture!

All great leaders know how to attract, develop, and inspire the people they manage. After all, leaders build more leaders. They don’t build more followers! Knowing how interact, evaluate, and tailor your style to the people you’re helping is vital. And, consistently building and nurturing your corporate culture and recruiting individuals who match that culture is a key success factor for all companies. You’ll learn these concepts and develop the necessary skills to operate high-performing teams!

"Speaking from experience, you would pay at least $5,000 for an MBA class on Leadership and it WILL NOT provide as much value as Andy's Leadership Coaching Program."
--Michael Creed, Senior Release Manager, United States

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Have you ever found yourself lost in the maze of professional growth? Felt stuck, unsure of which skills to prioritize or how to chart your career path effectively? The Zebra Code is your answer and is available for PRE-ORDER NOW plus you can join the FREE Book Club!

Inside, you get a structured syllabus of the most impactful, professional skills and sequenced lessons to help navigate the intricacies of career development. Plus, I teach you how to craft and implement your own personalized, effective, strategic, career growth plan to stand out and get ahead.

Imagine a future where your career aligns perfectly with your abilities—where you consistently achieve success and satisfaction! It's within your grasp and inside The Zebra Code!

"I feel like I'm on fire and it's spreading into my work and life routines. The combination of the business case project and the productivity challenge converged for me this past weekend. I was able to put my passion project out into the world. Version 1.0 and my mission, vision, and high-level project description are now available!
--Shelley Millet, Agilist, Continuous Improvement Specialist, United States

Look INSIDE at the currently available lessons!

Wondering what's inside the program? Click here to see the ever-growing list of available sessions, all of which you'll be able to enjoy immediately once you become a member. So, you can binge-watch away and apply my best strategies and tactics to help you grow in whatever areas you most want to improve. And, you can immediately start attending the live monthly sessions as an official #LEADER! Check out the upcoming schedule below on the page!

"Andy’s real strength as a career and leadership coach is evident in applying his knowledge and energy to each person’s individual situation. Soon after I also joined his Leadership Program, I gained further insight into my leadership capability. The knowledge I have gained through this experience will serve me well throughout the rest of my career."
--William Collins, Healthcare Leader, Registered Nurse, United States

Check out these great BONUS training courses!

As a member of my leadership program, I’m offering you some full-on courses related to career development, achieving high goals, and getting the RIGHT stuff done! Whether you try if for a month or jump in for a year, you’ll have plenty of effective training to grow in your career and enjoy your life!

Career Accelerator Program! ($397 Value!)

When you join my leadership program on any membership plan, you'll get access to this fantastic 5-Module career development course gratis! You'll learn how to advance quickly in your career including what to do during your first 90 days of a new job, how to plan for and work toward your next promotion. Plus you'll learn about my excellence planning tactics and how to get ready for your performance reviews. Click here for more information!


5-Day Productivity Course! ($297 Value!)

When you join my leadership program on the annual plan, you'll get access to this highly-effective productivity challenge free! You’ll learn the exact techniques I use to manage my business and career including creating the proper lists to run your professional life, planning and managing your week, running your day by the calendar, and establishing the right mindset to manage your projects and evaluate their results! Click here for more information!


Goal Setting Masterclass! ($197 Value!)

When you join my leadership program on the annual plan, you'll get access to this wonderful goal setting masterclass free! This course is a deep dive into the principles from my book Out of Reach but in Sight: Using Goals to Achieve Your Impossible! You’ll learn what goals are, where they come from, the types, how to set them, and how to actually achieve them. Most importantly, you'll get a unique perspective on how to use goals to ENJOY your life to the fullest!

"The Career Accelerator Program is super useful and filled with practical information if you want to understand the processes deeper and stay motivated and inspired throughout your entire professional development. My first 90 days on my new job would never have been so amazing and courageous without Andy and his program!"
--Anna Goldman, Regional Sales Manager, London, United Kingdom

Enjoy a "LIBRARY" full of assets and workbooks!

Each month, to accompany your lesson and ensure you can incorporate it effectively into your life, I provide a detailed workbook including a table of contents, insight from the live coaching, thought-provokers to self-reflect and get started in the right place, and a challenge to help you “work” the lesson. I don’t like to leave much to the imagination—other than how great your life will be—so I’m including a sample workbook for you to get the idea. Just click the workbook icon to download it. You will love these!

"I will encourage anyone whose mind runs 24x7, on the hamster wheel, or can be scattered and at the end of the day wonders where did the day go?...THIS productivity challenge is a must! I may be great at having 20 balls up in the air, but staying on task and to a timeframe has not always been easy for me. This makes it easy. You really should get in contact with the ADD/ADHD society and show them this program!"
--Jean Rebel, Media and Marketing Director, United States

Join the LIVE sessions or catch the replay!

We meet live monthly for an insightful lesson and Q&A! It's all done via the ZOOM platform and it's easy to join from anywhere. If you can't make the session, you'll have access to the recording! The next coaching session is scheduled for June 14th, but you can jump in and start enjoying the material anytime!



Are you an effective leader? Would you know how to prove it? Specific measures related to your employees, customers, and personal evaluations will tell the story. Evaluating these metrics holistically offers great insight into what's working and your opportunities to improve. Join me June 14th to learn what these are and how to make sure you stack up!

"Through Andy’s Leadership program, my goal was to assess my strengths, further define my leadership style and effectively cultivate the ability to sustain and channel my enthusiasm with my new career of choice. I can say without a doubt this program was all of that and more! Andy’s leadership program provides the outlet for advice, support and peer relationship building. The most important part of the program is that Andy coaches and teaches from the heart!"
--Raul Tiongson, Senior Financial Services Professional, United States

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$3,925 Worth of Assets!

Recorded Lessons (~ 60+)........$2,940
Live Sessions (@ 12 per year)......$588
---Plus Access to These Bonuses---
Career Accelerator Program........$397
Private Community.......................$???

All for $1.61/Day!

"I'm eternally grateful for the amazing inspiration you've been over the past few months. I've seen so many positive changes in my life just because I've been trying to implement your productivity and leadership lessons. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart!!"
--Rohan Shah, Director IT & Corporate Services, Canada

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You never need to worry about missing a session or being able to access the lessons on the go thanks to our milewalk Academy Mobile App! You can access my Leadership Program as well as any books or training course you've enrolled in. We want to make sure you get the lessons wherever you are and whenever you want them!

"I hired Andy as my coach on the day I started new job two years ago so I could become the best salesperson I possible could. Thanks in large part to his techniques and the tools he gave me, I’m now the number one sales representative out of 30!"

Paul F.
Sales Executive

"The organizational techniques Andy taught me in his career development program were mind-blowing. I’ve implemented his tactics and now I not only get more done, but I enjoy my days more than ever."

Sandy R.

"He is THE coach of coaches. You will have to look long and hard to find someone who sees the world the way he does. It’s one thing to experience something. It’s another to understand what’s happened, how to view it, how to learn from it, and how to channel it to make you the best YOU you can be. He helped me do all that and so much more."

Craig H.

"You will not find a more intelligent coach who can almost instantly raise your level of confidence no matter what you’re trying to accomplish. In one session, he’s able to get you to do things you never thought you could."

Sara L.

"Best training courses and coaching you’ll get. Just enroll and take comfort in knowing you’ll become the person you always wanted to become but never thought you could. He’ll get you to believe in yourself and reach your goals no matter what they are."

Chuck P.
Managing Director

Frequently Asked Questions!

My leadership coaching program is your one-stop-shop for all you need to develop your career and life skills. We meet every month and I teach live where I share tactics I've developed from my 30+ years of professional experience.

First, the coaching is for members only. It’s approximately every four weeks and typically held on Fridays.

All sessions are recorded and members get access to the replays and detailed write-ups provided their membership is still active. 

We have a schedule for the year displayed inside the program. Approximately one week before each live session, we send members an email alert along with their Zoom link.

You can attend the sessions if your schedule allows or review the replays at your convenience.

All replays are posted in the members library immediately following the live session!

We conduct the sessions via Zoom. A week beforehand, members are sent an email to RSVP so they can gain access.

I teach for 45 minutes to an hour. Then, we have a Q+A where I interact directly with members via video (Yes! We can have a live conversation!) and also take questions from the live chat.

Typically, immediately following the live sessions, the members’ replays are uploaded to their training library. All members have access to the replays and the supplemental write-ups provided their membership is still active.

Yes. As a member, you can ask me your career development questions related to our topics inside the training system. Cool, eh?

You can convert at any time to take advantage of the significant discount associated with the annual plan. 

Prior monthly payments, once completely consumed, are not eligible for credit toward the annual plan. However, your current, active month is creditable when you convert.

That is, whenever you enroll on the monthly plan, you pay for your upcoming month. If you join on the 15th of any month, for example, your monthly membership is active until the 15th of the following month. If you decide to convert to the annual plan on the 30th, your new annual plan starts on the day you convert and you will have an active membership for the next year. The remaining balance of your current monthly membership ( the ~50% of the month was remaining) will be returned to you because it was unused.

Once you enroll, whether as a monthly or annual member, your personal rate will not change. It’s good until you cancel your membership.

You can cancel at any time and won’t be billed once you cancel. You can cancel your membership inside the training system or by sending us an email at [email protected].

We do not offer refunds because you have immediate access to the library and we delivered.

There sure is! We have private Facebook and LinkedIn Groups and we are also in the process of implementing a private platform.

Everything in life is negotiable! Depending on how many people you are enrolling, we’d be happy to tailor a plan for you. Email us at [email protected] to get started!

You are welcome to email us at [email protected] with any questions!

Hey! I’m Andrew LaCivita!

If you’re a white-collar professional who wants to live a fulfilled life and have a sensational career, I’m here for you!

As a former consulting leader and executive recruiter turned career coach, I’ve learned how to accomplish significant feats in my professional life AND personal life. Working with more than 350 companies and 100,000 individuals in nearly 200 countries, you learn a thing or two about success, high performance, and what it takes to be THE best.

Throughout my career, I've...

  • Founded multiple successful businesses in the recruitment and employment professions after serving as a corporate leader who managed large groups of employees.
  • Provided angel investments and served on boards of organizations to help them set their direction.
  • Written multiple award-winning books on topics related to career development, recruitment and hiring, and goal setting.
  • Shared my knowledge with millions of people annually via my online platform.
  • Served as a trusted media resource for outlets such as ABC, Fox Business, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Inc. and many more.

I’ve achieved these highlights using the very same strategies and tactics I serve up every month in my leadership coaching program. I hope you’ll check it out and join me if you’re interested!


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