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Job Search Mini Camp 2021!

Join me for in-depth lessons filled with tried-and-true tactics for the most critical stages of your job search. These are the very same tactics my students across the world have been using to successfully find their dream jobs—updated to help you overcome the job-seeking challenges of 2021! It's absolutely FREE to attend. After you register, you can check out the VIP perks if you want to enhance your enjoyment of this event. I hope you can join me!

The schedule, topics, and what's what!

Register FREE to join. Check out the VIP perks. Watch your email inbox and mark your calendars for the four sessions. Join me at 11 AM CDT for each show. Participate and have fun. If you can't make it live, catch the replays until Monday, May 24th. Take these concepts and implement them with the confidence your dream job awaits!

May 11th
The Resume!

You can write a resume that makes recruiters yawn and roll their eyes or one filled with bullets that makes them ask, "How did you do that?" You will learn the anatomy of a perfect resume bullet,  topics to cover, proper action verbs, and  see samples!

May 13th
The Search!

It's difficult to bring yourself to the employment market, but this can be simple if you know THE most effective way to find your next job. Enter Boss Hunting and everything that goes with it. Discover why you want to do this, exactly how, everything that usually "goes wrong," and how to fix it too!

May 18th
The Interview!

Are your interview responses robotic? STAR-y, ewww? You need to be a storytelling master to separate yourself from other jobseekers. You'll learn the best way to answer every type of interview question whether its behavioral, project-based, or situational!

May 20th
The Negotiation!

The stickiest and most costly (pun intended) exercise in the process is negotiating your compensation. Do you want to see a case study highlighting all the DO'S and DON'TS to maximize your pay? You'll get a detailed breakdown of how to do it right and avoid the killers!

Join me on this journey!

I’m so grateful the universe brought us together. As a business owner, award-winning author, career and leadership coach, trainer, speaker, angel investor, board member, and a few more career monikers, I’ve dedicated my life to helping people and companies realize their potential. As part of that effort, I’ve created this wonderful free job search program to help you get the most out of your life and career. I can’t wait to share it with you! —Andy


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