Tired of not getting the job interview?
Wondering why your resume doesn't get noticed even though you are qualified for the job? Want to know all the resume mistakes to avoid?

My name is Andrew LaCivita, and if you’re a professional, college student, or anyone seeking the right job and career, you need a killer resume! 
As founder of the executive search firm milewalk, I've helped more than 500 individuals successfully find new jobs, written a gold award-winning hiring book, and created a job interviewing methodology that has statistically proven to increase your chance of getting hired by more than 560%.
Now, after reviewing over a half million resumes during my career thanks to decades of recruiting, intervewing, and hiring, strong relationships with prominent outplacement organizations, and a not-so-big thanks to a great recession, I'm bringing you a workshop to help you build the perfect resume that gets noticed! As featured in...


Lifetime Course and Workshop Access

You get lifetime access to all the course videos as well as the recordings of the live workshops you attend!

Note-Taking Book, Resume Instructions & Template

Get a great resume template, note-taking book, and instructions with the ideal questions to prompt you when you develop your resume!

Your Questions and My Recommendations

Ask me anything about your resume or job search needs during the session or in the training portal as you develop your resume!

Batch of Cover Letter Templates and Videos

When you need a resume, you need cover letters! Get a great batch of templates along with video instruction!

Best Practice LinkedIn Profile Set Up Video

Your LinkedIn Profile goes hand-in-hand with your resume. Receive a 19 minute video on exactly how to set it up for success!

Bonus Boot Camp Session Recording

You get the Marketing Session from my Signature Job Search Boot Camp program for more help with your resume, cover letters, and LinkedIn Profile.


During the Program You'll Learn...

  • The keys to building a spectacular professional resume.
  • The exact language to include making your resume powerful and attractive.
  • To get your resume noticed within seconds.
  • To avoid the biggest mistakes most people make when writing their resumes.
  • To leverage your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile as a potent marketing combination.

In Your Training Portal You'll Have...

  • A recording of the resume workshop session.
  • Videos and templates on how to prepare various cover letters proven to attract employers.
  • A 19-minute video on exactly how to set up a successful LinkedIn profile.
  • Support from my team and me to answer questions about your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile.
  • A BONUS recording of the Resume Session of my Job Search Boot Camp!

Attendees get a great note-taking workbook, instructions to create their resume, and a beautiful resume template!


This is no ordinary program. You get lifetime access to the course plus recordings of the workshop sessions, more marketing material, bonuses, and support!

Video from my Boot Camp

You will get a recording of the MARKETING SESSION from my Job Search Boot Camp, which includes preparing your resume, cover letters, and LinkedIn Profile (a $119 value).

Facebook Group

Gain access to the milewalk Academy Private Facebook group filled with resources and conversation with others.

Onpoint Support

Comment, ask questions, and communicate with Andrew and the other students right in the lessons. Get help where and when you need it.


In addition to the Basic Program, you can upgrade to my personal review of your resume with highlighted notations and an video recording of my specific suggestions!



Immediate Access to All Course Videos

Resume Workbook & Template

Cover Letter Videos & Templates

LinkedIn Profile SetUp Video

Boot Camp Bonus Session
($119 Value)

Ongoing Support
(Compare at $39/Month!)

Facebook Group




Immediate Access to All Course Videos

Resume Workbook & Template

Cover Letter Videos & Templates

LinkedIn Profile SetUp Video

Boot Camp Bonus Session
($119 Value)

Ongoing Support
(Compare at $39/Month!)

Facebook Group

DETAILED Resume Review


"I was struggling with how to tell the story of my 20+ year career while being succinct yet impactful. Andy's resume course and workshop provided a great foundation to work from, and his personal video-based resume review gave me actionable feedback. I saw a significant, immediate uptick in responses to my resume after working through this."

Ryan B.
Senior Product Manager

"Before finding the milewalk Academy, I applied to 76 different positions within a year and a half. I did get a few interviews, but figured a big part of my problem was probably my resume. I signed up for the Build Your Ultimate Professional Resume course + resume review. Armed with my new updated resume and knowledge, I started applying to more positions and had so much more confidence. Within a week of applying to a new position, I had an interview and got the job!"

Amy P.
Project Manager/Business Analyst

"ā€¦Not knowing much about the employment scene in the U.S., I was able to modify my resume to suit the American style (not to mention making it more visible!) and also fully prep myself for the job interview.Ā Iā€™m happy to report that I will be starting my job for Google next Monday! Not bad for a first job in the U.S."

Roger F.