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As an executive recruiter, I've personally helped more than 600 people successfully secure new jobs and negotiated well-over $100 million in salaries and compensation on their behalves. As an international career coach, I've worked directly with more than 3,500 on their job interviewing and salary negotiation tactics and counseled 75,000 premium members in a group format. With those experiences, you learn a thing or two about the best ways to sell yourself and negotiate for more pay. The best practices I've gained from these efforts are all embodied in this salary negotiation workshop!




I created a complete salary negotiation system to help you navigate through the entire recruitment and interview process. It includes all the techniques to prove your value, get hired, and get paid more. With all the instruction, scripts, tools, and templates, you'll be completely armed and ready for all interactions that influence the negotiation. You get LIFETIME access to this system and, of course, there are some great BONUSES to get you started with your new job!

Position Yourself for Success During Interview Process: All the "Dos and Don'ts!"

Learn the psychology of negotiation, the business and personal demographics that influence it, and successful practices throughout the entire interview process that position you to get paid more. You’ll know how to handle salary interactions at every stage, the mistakes to avoid, the various ways a job offer is delivered and exactly how to handle all these scenarios!

Prepare for Your Negotiation: Identify Your Value and Gather Your Questions!

Learn how to fully prepare for your job offer discussion. This requires two aspects. First, you must craft an argument regarding what you’re worth based on the value you’ll provide. That requires an understanding of 8 critical areas related to your role and future contributions. Second, you need to fully investigate and understand the complete offer, which will be much easier when you learn my 50 job-offer-related questions to get answered!

Conduct and Win Your Negotiation: The Discussion and Counteroffer!

Learn exactly how to conduct the job offer discussion, ask your questions, and show your value. The first part of the negotiation discussion is the set up. When done properly, you should be gathering intelligence to make an effective counteroffer! You’ll learn to extract the right information and use it to make a compelling counteroffer. Additionally, you’ll learn the tricks to deliver your counteroffer so the employer not only feels great about the discussion, but also raises its initial offer!

Handle Multiple Job Offers: Communication Tactics That Get You Paid More!

Learn how to juggle multiple interview processes and job offers to ensure you can make the most effective career decision for yourself. If you’re a member of my full Job Search Coaching Program or Interview Intervention Training Program, this will be “a problem” you need to tackle! LOL! So, you’ll need to know what to say, do, and how to manage the various employers to accommodate your decision-making process!

Bonus: Elevate Your Pay: Using 5 Magical Levers That Increase Compensation!

Learn the 5 variables at play at the start of the interview process which contributed to an employer’s “going-in target pay” for a position. This target pay, you’ll often note, is the advertised (or unadvertised) salary range on the job description. That range is malleable in over 90% of the cases. If you know which variables to help the company adjust and how to do that in your favor during the interview process, the employer will likely gladly pay you MORE than they expected!

Bonuses: Crush 1st 90 Days, Build Your Personal Brand, and More! ($300 VALUE!)

You’ll undoubtedly be dancing into that new job on a high. Let’s make sure you sustain that enthusiasm with some pretty sweet bonuses to help you crush your first 90 days and build a long-lasting personal brand inside and outside the company. Additionally, we’ve tossed in a mega-lesson on the power of your personal story. Learn how to not only build your brand, but also share yourself in a manner that inspires and builds trusting relationships!

"Hi Andy, I officially signed my UPDATED OFFER and start my new position next month! THANK YOU for helping me navigate my first negotiation process. While I was worried, I shouldn’t have because my new company increased my base salary by $10,000 and gave me an extra signing bonus all from me having the confidence to negotiate and ask! So I want to thank you again. I am beyond happy and excited for my new role!"

Krystal S.

"I’m excited to share I accepted a client service manager job today! Thank you Andy for everything you did! Your coaching and wisdom helped me tremendously to secure the job!"

Ben Z.

"I used Andy’s program to articulate my professional goals, update my resume, and refine my interviewing skills. Fast forward...past 2 days of interviews with a total of 10 partners and 2 associates. Grand total of 4 weeks of time. Yesterday, I accepted an offer at an excellent law firm. And, I used Andy’s “letter of resignation” template to resign from my current job! I start my new job in a few weeks. Thank you Andy!"

Scholastica B.

"I accepted an offer this week for a new position. After 25 years (19 years with the same company), I’ll be leaving enterprise IT for IT Consulting. I’m moving to a new city, taking on interesting new challenges, and will be working with great people. The Job Search Coaching Program and Interview Intervention were so valuable during my entire process. I cannot thank Andy enough. I’m so excited to be starting a new chapter in my career!"

Ed D.

"Today, I found out 35,000 people nationwide applied for the position. I know I could not have done it without you. I can never repay you or say thank you enough for bolstering the sagging confidence of this 74 year old. Andy, thank you so much to you and your team!"

Jayme Z.

"I joined the program for help with resume and interviewing, but didn't realize how much more went into a successful job search. Andy's approach provided the tools I needed, but more importantly, gave me the clarity and confidence to use them effectively. I landed a terrific role at the company I'd been targeting for years as a result. Grateful for Andy and the community!"

Larry D.

"I joined the program on June 11th and the first thing Andy told me was, “Keep an upbeat outlook, work the process, ask us for help and it'll work out!!!” I did and it did! After 8 interviews and two rounds of negotiations, I received the good news. I start my new position on July 20th. The hard work pays off. I’m extremely happy and grateful. Thanks, so much Andy for helping me to believe that I could do it, for giving me the right advice, and also for making me laugh with your answers. This works. It really does. Just keep going!!"

Sonia V.

Join me on this journey!

I’m so grateful the universe brought us together. As a business owner, award-winning author, career and leadership coach, trainer, speaker, angel investor, board member, and a few more career monikers, I’ve dedicated my life to helping people and companies realize their potential. As part of that effort, I’ve created this wonderful salary negotiation program to help you get the most out of your life and career. I can’t wait to share it with you! —Andy


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