Want to get noticed on LinkedIn?

If your goal is to build an attractive personal brand and professional network, join me in this all-out LinkedIn Workshop!

Members get lifetime access to this fully-structured online training program including real-life profile reviews, direct insight from corporate and executive recruiters, and more to build and maintain a strong professional platform!


An all-out LinkedIn bonanza!

I've personally been a LinkedIn user for 20 years (yes! 20!) as a professional, executive recruiter, and career coach. The platform continually evolves over time and it's now more important than ever to know the latest and greatest tactics that will make you stand out professionally and get noticed. That's exactly what this entire program is designed to do for you!



I created this new LinkedIn Workshop including the important aspects of the platform so you can get noticed and get hired! You'll also get insider information directly from real-life corporate and executive recruiters who use LinkedIn heavily to source their job candidates!

Set up your profile!

There's a lot more to it than slapping up your name and a headline. You'll learn to build a complete profile, including all the insider steps, tips, and tricks that get you noticed and makes employers want to call you.

Build your personal brand!

When you want to establish yourself as a leader and subject matter expert in your field, you need to know what type of material, media, and messaging resonates with the type of people and employers you want to attract.

Get noticed by employers!

The platform is a tool and tools are only as good as their operators. That means, you must know how to leverage the site to its fullest and know what actions will yield the results you want--getting noticed.

Track companies and jobs!

You want to search the platform for professionals, companies, and job opportunities. There are easy ways, hard ways, and the kind that get you thrown in "Linked Jail!" You'll learn how to use platform as well as Google Boolean to get the information and alerts you want.

Network with others!

A big benefit of LinkedIn is its networking capability. You'll learn the best practices to build and maintain your business network; whether you are job searching or establishing long-term relationships, these tactics will be vital for success.

Live profile reviews!

All the greatest techniques in the world don't do you any good if you don't implement them properly. The good news is live attendees will have a chance to get their profiles reviewed and ask their questions so they receive real-time feedback.

"Hi Andy, I officially signed my UPDATED OFFER and start my new position next month! THANK YOU for helping me navigate my first negotiation process. While I was worried, I shouldn’t have because my new company increased my base salary by $10,000 and gave me an extra signing bonus all from me having the confidence to negotiate and ask! So I want to thank you again. I am beyond happy and excited for my new role!"

Krystal S.

"I’m excited to share I accepted a client service manager job today! Thank you Andy for everything you did! Your coaching and wisdom helped me tremendously to secure the job!"

Ben Z.

"I used Andy’s program to articulate my professional goals, update my resume, and refine my interviewing skills. Fast forward...past 2 days of interviews with a total of 10 partners and 2 associates. Grand total of 4 weeks of time. Yesterday, I accepted an offer at an excellent law firm. And, I used Andy’s “letter of resignation” template to resign from my current job! I start my new job in a few weeks. Thank you Andy!"

Scholastica B.

"I accepted an offer this week for a new position. After 25 years (19 years with the same company), I’ll be leaving enterprise IT for IT Consulting. I’m moving to a new city, taking on interesting new challenges, and will be working with great people. The Job Search Coaching Program and Interview Intervention were so valuable during my entire process. I cannot thank Andy enough. I’m so excited to be starting a new chapter in my career!"

Ed D.

"Today, I found out 35,000 people nationwide applied for the position. I know I could not have done it without you. I can never repay you or say thank you enough for bolstering the sagging confidence of this 74 year old. Andy, thank you so much to you and your team!"

Jayme Z.

"I joined the program for help with resume and interviewing, but didn't realize how much more went into a successful job search. Andy's approach provided the tools I needed, but more importantly, gave me the clarity and confidence to use them effectively. I landed a terrific role at the company I'd been targeting for years as a result. Grateful for Andy and the community!"

Larry D.

"I joined the program on June 11th and the first thing Andy told me was, “Keep an upbeat outlook, work the process, ask us for help and it'll work out!!!” I did and it did! After 8 interviews and two rounds of negotiations, I received the good news. I start my new position on July 20th. The hard work pays off. I’m extremely happy and grateful. Thanks, so much Andy for helping me to believe that I could do it, for giving me the right advice, and also for making me laugh with your answers. This works. It really does. Just keep going!!"

Sonia V.


We conducted this program over three days. This breakdown gives you an idea of how the program is laid out!


In addition to the teaching sessions of the main LinkedIn Workshop, members get these video-based lessons from my Leadership Coaching Program as bonuses to improve their personal brand and professional network!

Build Your Personal Brand ($97 value)

Bonus video on building your personal brand to shine on the social media platforms and other places employers might review when considering your job candidacy.

Power of Your Personal Story ($97 value)

Bonus video on how to create and tell your personal story. This will be powerful when crafting your resume, presenting yourself during job interviews, and branding yourself on LinkedIn and other networking sites.

Professional Networking ($97 value)

Bonus video on how to build a healthy professional network including generating new relationships, nurturing existing relationships, giving first, building trust, using a system, and much more!

Join me on this journey!

I’m so grateful the universe brought us together. As a business owner, award-winning author, career and leadership coach, trainer, speaker, angel investor, board member, and a few more career monikers, I’ve dedicated my life to helping people and companies realize their potential. As part of that effort, I’ve created this wonderful LinkedIn program to help you get the more out of your career. I can’t wait to share it with you! —Andy


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