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Join world-leading career and leadership coach Andrew LaCivita to get his strategies, tactics, and tools to find your dream job! One enrollment gets you the entire system and ongoing live coaching to support your search today and in the future!


Join me for job search coaching! One Enrollment = Lifetime Access!

"Don’t waste your time trying to piece together free stuff online. You can take forever doing that or just do what Andy says and get to a better place faster. I was unemployed and trying to change functions. I joined the program and literally within weeks had multiple offers and chose a great opportunity that doubled my salary…all thanks to Andy’s techniques."

--Kat H.

Andrew can help you:

  • Build your confidence to conduct an effective job search that helps you find a career and job truly worthy of you.
  • Become proactive in your design and pursuit of a career that is in alignment with your desires and purpose.
  • Develop a killer resume and additional collateral such as your cover letters, LinkedIn Profile, and additional personal branding assets that will open doors to opportunities.
  • Bring yourself to the job market in a manner designed to get you to where you want to be instead of limiting yourself to opportunities which are publicized and available online.
  • Learn life-long networking tactics that will serve you in the short-term to find your dream job and long-term to build powerful and valuable relationships.
  • Ace any type of job interview no matter the situation. You’ll be fully prepared whether it’s a phone, in person, panel, presentation, or video interview.
  • Understand and execute on all the preliminary, real-time, and post negotiation tactics so you get paid what you deserve.

Based on his experience:

  • Founder and business owner of multiple successful companies in the recruitment and employment professions.
  • Corporate leader in small and large consulting organizations responsible for the deployment and development of large groups of employees.
  • Executive recruiter who's personally helped more than 200 companies secure over 600 individuals.
  • Angel Investor, Board Member, and Senior-Level Committee participant for several organizations.
  • Award-winning author of multiple books on topics related to career development, recruitment and hiring, and goal setting.
  • Career and leadership coach whose one-on-one coaching and online training programs have supported more than 20,000 people in over 100 countries.
  • Trusted media resource who's supported dozens of television and radio outlets, newspapers, magazines, and e-zines including ABC, Fox Business, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Inc. and many more.
  • Online Influencer who shares his knowledge with and learns from more than one million people annually.

"Just amazing. I was out of work, but joined the program, spent time each day watching and listening to the program. It inspired me to be diligent in my search and try new (to me) and effective ways to find my dream job. As a result, I will be a site director for a large international company, which is a step up in role and responsibilities and a nearly 65% increase in salary from my previous job. Without you (Andy), the team, and the entire milewalk Academy family, I would not be as happy and joyous as I am today!"

--Joe W.

See dozens of wonderful stories from people around the world who've used these tactics to successfully to attain their dream jobs! You’ll hear from people who were starting their career, savvy executivesunemployed, been at their employer for many years, moved countries, or wanted to completely change careers. Regardless of their situation, they successfully used the coaching program to reach their goals. Hit the button to hear from them!



I've packaged and recorded the very same techniques I teach my $5,000 one-on-one coaching clients to offer you the system, structure, templates and support you need for your entire job search. Then, I've tossed in lifetime access and lifetime attendance to our private, group coaching sessions! Everything is available IMMEDIATELY upon enrollment!

5 Main Modules Plus Amazing Bonuses

Enjoy 5 main modules covering the ENTIRE job search, including additional sessions to address nuances related to your particular situation!


Tools and Templates for Success

Get all the tools, templates, checklists, and booklets you need at every step of the way. You will literally have every imaginable template you can think of!


Lifetime Access and Online Support

Get lifetime access and online support to ask your career-related questions. You also get lifetime attendance to the LIVE coaching sessions!

Lifetime LIVE Coaching Support

You have lifetime attendance to any and all of the 24 or so live sessions throughout the year to reinforce your understanding of the modules and answer your questions!


"Thank YOU so much, Andy. I can't thank you enough. I truly learned a lot from you because your program is amazing and awesome, which helps people pursue their own dream and goals. My life and career would have been a lot different if I had known you even a few years earlier!"

--Rachael K.


Upon enrollment, you are granted access to all the modules and bonuses. Here's an outline of what's included and a video demonstration so you can see the actual system and how awesome it is!

1: Starting

Position yourself to succeed by developing your direction, headlinewhy, and needs. Your headline serves as your elevator pitch and self-directed focal point for clarity. Your why ensures you overcome the inevitable challenges. Your needs serve as the basis to evaluate your options and potential employers.

2: Marketing

Make employers want you by developing a magnetic resume, cover letters, and LinkedIn Profile that show the impact you’ll make as an employee. Learn exactly how to build these assets with the proper layout and sentence structure along with techniques to most effectively use them.

3: Searching

Run your job search to find the right job the fastest by bringing yourself to market using all the best tactics. Learn how to optimize your job search based on your demographic, leverage your network for best results, and target companies so they actually respond and offer you job interviews!

4: Interviewing

Win any job interview by mastering the most advanced preparation techniques, anticipating communication issues, answering behavioral and situational questions, and asking questions during your interviews. You will ace any interview and get the information you need to make a great career decision!

5: Negotiation

Earn what you deserve by negotiating like a pro. Learn the nuances and psychology of mastering salary negotiation and getting paid what you actually deserve. You’ll learn the same techniques I’ve personally used to negotiate for more than $5 million dollars in salary increases across my job candidates.

*** See Inside Video! ***

The entire system is so well laid out and packaged, you MUST take a look inside. Notice the great organization, structure, easy access, and interaction support area so you can get your questions answered as you're going through this program at your own pace. Just click the image above and go!

"I joined the program for help with resume and interviewing, but didn't realize how much more went into a successful job search. Andy's approach provided the tools I needed, but more importantly, gave me the clarity and confidence to use them effectively. I landed a terrific role at the company I'd been targeting for years as a result. Grateful for Andy and the entire milewalk Academy community!"

--Larry D.


We're all unique, so there's no surprise you might need some tailored help. I have included SO MANY specialty aids inside the program I could take up another entire page listing them. Here are just a few many people LOVE!

Networking Templates!

Because networking is so vital to job searching success, there is an extra bonus module, which highlights the best techniques for job seekers plus a booklet with 10 can’t-miss email networking templates. This package includes an email for every imaginable situation, whom to target, and what to say so you actually get a response!

Career Changing!

Changing careers is very tough, especially if your career has been focused for a long time. Learn how to perform the 12 key steps to success as you progress through the four stages of readiness, research, engagement, and execution. You'll also learn how to avoid the biggest obstacles on your way to your second career!

Executives and Over 50!

Executives and more tenured employees simply have a more difficult job searching process if they want to get it right! You'll learn the six most important aspects of the search for your demographic, what challenges to expect, and what adjustments to make to ensure you find and win the right job!

"I joined the program on June 11th and the first thing Andy told me was, “Keep an upbeat outlook, work the process, ask us for help and it'll work out!!!” I did and it did! After 8 interviews and two rounds of negotiations, I received the good news. I start my new position on July 20th. The hard work pays off. I’m extremely happy and grateful. Thanks, so much Andy for helping me to believe that I could do it, for giving me the right advice, and also for making me laugh with your answers. Also, thanks to Stacy and Kara. Great, great team. This works. It really does. Just keep going!!"

--Sonia V.


We supplement the video-recorded lessons with several private, live, coaching sessions to reinforce the lessons and answer your questions! Here are the upcoming dates!


Friday, April 16th @ 1:00 PM CDT 
Tuesday, May 4th @ 11:00 AM CDT* 
Thursday, May 6th @ 11:00 AM CDT*
Tuesday, May 11th @ 11:00 AM CDT*
Thursday, May 13th @ 11:00 AM CDT*
Monday, May 17th @ 1:00 PM CDT
Monday, May 24th @ 1:00 PM CDT

*Job Search Mini-Camp - details coming soon!

"Based on my compensation change, my return on investment for the program was 87X! I don’t think I could have gotten there without this program. But, money aside, there were so many valuable aspects of this program that go well beyond just job searching. Andy teaches concepts, especially as they relate to introspection, self-awareness and others that have helped me lead a more fulfilling life!"

--Mark P.


It's as easy as choosing your enrollment option! All packages come with everything on this page. You can also add services as needed or upgrade to the VIP treatment if you'd like!



Full Job Search System.................$597
Online Support (Annual)..............$468
Live Support (Annual)...................$588
Private LinkedIn, FB Groups.........$???
Plus Wonderful Bonuses!
Interview Intervention Digital.......$27
Interview Mastery Workshop.....$297
Job Search Challenge..................$197
Career Changer Module.............$197
Execs and Over 50 Module........$197
Seasonal Specialty Module..........$97

TOTAL VALUE.......$2,665




Full Job Search System.................$597
Coaching or Resume Review....$500
Online Support (Annual)..............$468
Live Support (Annual)...................$588
Private LinkedIn, FB Groups..........$???
Plus Wonderful Bonuses!
Interview Intervention Digital.......$27
Interview Mastery Workshop.....$297
Job Search Challenge..................$197
Career Changer Module.............$197
Execs and Over 50 Module........$197
Seasonal Specialty Module..........$97

TOTAL VALUE.......$3,165




Full Job Search System.................$597
Private Coaching Session.........$500
Resume Review.........................$500
3 Months Direct Email Supp..$3,000

Career Accelerator Program....$397
Online Support (Annual)..............$468
Live Support (Annual)...................$588
Private LinkedIn, FB Groups..........$???
Plus Wonderful Bonuses!
Interview Intervention Digital.......$27
Interview Mastery Workshop.....$297
Job Search Challenge..................$197
Career Changer Module.............$197
Execs and Over 50 Module........$197
Seasonal Specialty Module..........$97

TOTAL VALUE.......$7,035


"I used Andy’s coaching program to articulate my professional goals, update my resume, and refine my interviewing skills. Fast forward...past 2 days of interviews with a total of 10 partners and 2 associates. Grand total of 4 weeks of time. Yesterday, I accepted an offer at an excellent law firm. And, I used Andy’s “letter of resignation” template to resign from my current job! I start my new job in a few weeks. Thank you Andy!"

--Scholastica B.

See dozens of wonderful stories from people around the world who've used these tactics to successfully to attain their dream jobs! You’ll hear from people who were starting their career, savvy executivesunemployed, been at their employer for many years, moved countries, or wanted to completely change careers. Regardless of their situation, they successfully used the coaching program to reach their goals. Hit the button to hear from them!



If you already enrolled in job searching courses from the milewalk Academy and would like to upgrade to the full-service premium Job Search Coaching Program, please contact us. You can pay the difference between whatever you've already invested and the enrollment option of your choice! (This applies to job searching courses and excludes leadership-related programs or book-related products.)

"Andy is start to finish and in between the best advisor, communicator, motivator and friend I have ever worked with. He gives you the tools to discover your worth and what you want in your career and guaranteed if you invest in his coaching program, take a lot of notes, attend his sessions, listen, work and trust the process, you will find the dream job that truly makes you happy. It worked for me! Thank you Andy!!!"

--Shari N.


Try the Job Search Coaching Program for a full 30 days. If you do not feel the content will help you achieve the results you desire, you can ask for a refund. You do not need to "show me your work" like many other trainers request. I believe people are genuine and will take you at your word. Please understand, some restrictions do apply. You can check our terms and conditions for more information.

"Andy was there from day one. I had to do the work and with Andy in my corner, providing the tools, guidance, support, and motivation, I am in my dream job!! Having gained the confidence and clarity to know what I really wanted and deserved in my next role, I passed on two job offers, that didn't quite hit the mark, to accept a position that I absolutely love. Coach Andy even helped me negotiate a sign-on bonus and other benefits. Andy gets to know YOU. He really cares and gives his all every day to his members. You will love this program!"

--Connie C.



Free content is wonderful, but you have a few issues trying to go it alone with the free content. First, most free content includes WHAT you can or should do. My paid training includes WHAT you should do and EXACTLY HOW you should do it. It’s so much more in depth and clear. Plus, more importantly, I provide the end-to-end system, the entire framework, all the steps, tools, templates, and supplemental material in a completely organized platform for you. Lastly, you can access ME directly in your training system and you are also getting LIVE COACHING from me 24 times over the course of the year. That’s a lot of access and direct interaction!

The entire program is ready to go for you! No line. No waiting. You can have your very own instant Andy-Netflix Channel! Everything on the page (and actually more) is at your disposal when you start.

I sprinkle (sometimes in surges) additional live coaching sessions for only the members throughout the year (approximately 24). During these group coaching events, I teach a bit and highlight critical areas or cover current-event adjustments you need to make. Of course, there is one ginormous Q&A period so I can answer your questions live.

Also, the good news is because we do them frequently, whenever you decide to join, you should be able to jump into in the very near future. We also record them for you so you don’t need to worry about missing them.

Lastly, there is no ongoing charge to attend these sessions. You can attend for life.

You have lifetime access. Another awesome element is when I add stuff to it, I’ll give it to you for free. You can join any and all of the frequent private, group coaching sessions with your one enrollment. There are no additional charges unless you decide to add a private coaching session with me or want a resume review. You’re welcome. :)

You can actually ask questions during the LIVE coaching sessions OR right in the module you’re viewing--whenever you're viewing it! There is an area within the system where you can access me, my team, and other students. Simply ask your question and we’ll respond as quickly as possible. Wouldn’t it be awesome if every trainer offered this?

Maybe yes. Maybe no. When you look at the value I’m providing in relation to your investment, I challenge you to find another coach who will offer you 50 hours of live, private coaching throughout the year, plus answer all your career questions, give you lifetime access to an entire system and every tool and template you need to be successful, and give you lifetime attendance for the live sessions for this price!

Plus, consider the upfront cost in relation to time. If you earn $50,000/year (~ $25/hour), you would essentially raise enough money to enroll in the boot camp within 2.5 workdays. (Within ONLY ONE long workday of you earn $100,000 annually.)

My question is do you think working with me would help you find your dream job 2.5 days faster than you could find it on your own? 

If so, the boot camp the enrollment is well worth it. Then add how much better you’ll interview and negotiate and the additional compensation you can attain. Plus, you have the ongoing coaching and “career insurance” and support with your one enrollment! 

Does it still sound expensive or does it sound valuable?

In Module 2, I teach you exactly how to prepare an effective resume and provide template text (quasi fill-in-the blank style) and samples. You receive a resume WORD template with headings and placeholder text. You fill it in and send it to me.

I review it in extreme detail, section by section, word by word (literally). I use the Track Changes feature in WORD to edit your entire resume. If I have any questions (because you didn’t provide enough detail), I simply type my question right into the spot.

You get the resume for your review. Make the updates based on my suggestions (i.e., accept the ones you like and make any additional adjustments). Then send it back to me for a final glance to make sure we’re in order.

You can add a resume review at any time by contacting us at [email protected].

As a #BOOTCAMPER, you will have the foundational tools and the entire system to succeed in your search. But, from time to time, you might need some extra attention to market yourself, interview more effectively, negotiate for what you're worth or a handful of other key success steps in the process.

At any time, you can add a private, one-on-one, video-recorded coaching session. We conduct these via the Zoom platform and record them for you.

We can cover whichever areas you feel are most important for your success. You and I would connect in advance to make sure we have an effective, prioritized agenda to accomplish.

The sessions are one hour and we recommend you conduct yours AFTER you've had a chance to go through the 5 Boot Camp modules because you will likely correct much of what is ailing your search.

And, at that point, we can work on the finest of your success steps to get you to where you want to go!

You can add your session by selecting the proper package or emailing us [email protected] whenever you're ready!

I realize we’re all unique, but while your situation might feel unique to you, it’s likely not unique to ME! I do this every day of my life and have for decades and have seen quite a lot! In the boot camp, we have members from over 100 countries across every inhabited continent who have used these techniques successfully. Plus, I’ve coached people across the globe, whether early or later in their career. The techniques I’m offering you are universal and, in those rare cases when they need to be adapted for your situation, we can easily do that with you and for you!

I guarantee you will enjoy the program. If within 30 days, you do not feel satisfied, I will return your enrollment fee less the credit card processing or PayPal transaction fees. You don’t need to “show me your work” like other trainers request. I’ll take you at your word. Some restrictions do apply and you can check our terms and conditions for more information.




Join me on this journey!

I’m so grateful the universe brought us together. As a business owner, award-winning author, career and leadership coach, trainer, speaker, angel investor, board member, and a few more career monikers, I’ve dedicated my life to helping people and companies realize their potential. As part of that effort, I’ve created this wonderful job search program to help you get the most out of your career and life. I can’t wait to share it with you! —Andy


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