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My name is Andrew LaCivita, and if you’re a professional, college student, or anyone in need of career insight, I can help. 
As founder of the executive search firm milewalk, I’ve learned a thing or two about hiring and job searching. 
I’ve coached nearly 12,000 people on how to get more fulfillment from their careers, helped more than 500 individuals successfully find new jobs, written a gold award-winning hiring book, and created a job interviewing methodology that has statistically proven to increase your chance of getting hired by more than 233%.
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Becoming Self Aware via Discovery

Review your current situation and needs to build a foundation for job search and interviewing success and to make solid career decisions.

Motivating & Improving Yourself

Learn the techniques used by high performers and understand what it takes to be lead a fulfilling career and life.

Planning Your Career

Learn and plan the steps required to lead an enjoyable career from the first five steps of career success planning to everything you need along your journey.

Advancing Your Career

Identify the steps necessary to progress in your career as well as become the very best at your profession.

Making Smart Career Decisions

Learn good decision-making techniques and understand the biggest pitfalls to ensure you make a wise choice.

Creating Your Personal Pitch

Prepare your marketing "elevator pitch," not only to introduce yourself to others, but also to remain focused on your "main thing."

Networking as a Professional

Maximize your career enjoyment by leveraging and contributing to your most valuable asset--your network.

Developing Your Marketing Material

Learn to design and develop the very best professional or collegiate resumes, cover letters, and various other marketing-type materials.

Building Your Social Media Platform

Discover how build a successful LinkedIn Profile, Facebook Page, Twitter Platform, and top-end contributors to your platform. 

Searching for Your Career or Job

Learn the most advanced job search and career change tactics from early stages techniques to contacting companies. 

Job Interviewing for Any Situation

Discover the most effective and advanced job interviewing techniques from the author of Interview Intervention!

Negotiating Your Salary

Make sure to get paid what you deserve by starting that negotiation from the time you send your cover letter until that sticky compensation discussion.


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You're welcome to preview this entire 70-minute CoachCastTM to see what I teach. In this session from earlier this year, I covered:

  • The 2 absolute must-haves on your resume to get noticed.
  • An uncommon, valuable exercise to perform before job interviewing within or outside of your company (great for promotions!).
  • One requirement necessary to be a high performer and grow.

Plus, I fielded dozens of questions from the students on topics that were important to them!

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Get this amazing book experience as a bonus with the coaching program!

Interview Intervention: Communication That Gets You Hired has been downloaded or purchased by more than 95,000 people interested in improving their careers. It's a focal point for training the milewalk job candidates who statistically outperform other job seekers by a whopping 233% in getting the job thanks to using these job interview techniques!

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"I was targeting a major transition from being a teacher to an administrator. This step-up in the educational system can be difficult, especially with the limited opportunities for administrators. After a few unsuccessful job interview attempts, I reached out to Andrew and used his Interview Intervention techniques for my next interviewing process. The results were much improved thanks to the adjustments I made based on his direction. I started this year as an Assistant Principal of two schools!"

Meggan Buchanan
Job Changer, Assistant Principal

"Offering unique insight only begins to describe what Andrew does for people looking for a career change. His process requires you to think about where you want to be in life versus the average coaching exercises that rarely work out. He asks the hard questions and pushes you to script a roadmap regarding what you want personally, emotionally and professionally. If you are interested in pursuing a new future, you've come to the right place because Andrew has identified what it takes to find a company and culture that works for you. If you choose to engage, prepare yourself for a life change."

Jared Jerotz
Job Changer, Business Development Executive

"Thankfully I had Andrew to help me with my first job change. It was more difficult than seeking my first job out of college. This time, I had work experience to consider, questions regarding my career path, as well as the type of company best for me to join. He gave me great job interview coaching as well as direction on how to ask the right questions. His counsel helped me gain the clarity I needed to make the smartest career decision."

Mary Ormond
Job Changer, Accounting & Financial Professional

"I worked with Andrew to make a job change. His methodology, guidance, and dedication to ensuring I found the right job for me was absolutely unprecedented. His thought-provoking self-awareness exercises really made me think about what would be best for me. It’s the first time in my career, I went to that level of depth to consider my career and what the next several years of my life would entail. I wish more people were fortunate enough to get that kind of guidance and insight when they’re making such critical choices."

Rob Gomez
Job Changer, Management Consultant

"Several years ago, I wanted to make a drastic career change from my historically technology-based roles to a more strategic one. The most impressive aspect of Andrew’s guidance wasn’t he helped me outline and execute the approach, but that he guided me in a manner where I didn’t lose any of the forward momentum I’d already established in my career. He also gave me the confidence I needed to push through with one of the most rewarding choices I’ve ever made. After ten years down this career path, I’m so thrilled I did it."

Theresa Morelli
Career Changer, Senior Worldwide Offering Manager

"When I met Andrew, I’d been managing a day-spa for a decade, but was very interested in making a leap to the corporate world. I didn’t know where to begin or how to jump in without losing the momentum I’d established in my career. Fortunately, Andrew mapped out a fantastic approach and helped me through a process that was foreign, but manageable. The outcome was pure success in one shot and I’ve been enjoying my new career for four years!"

Ewelina Sydo
Career Changer, Office of the Family Administrator






Live monthly sessions with Q&A

Access to current and archived recordings

Ongoing Support FREE
(Compare at $39/Month!)

Facebook Group

Interview Intervention Digital Experience
($27 value for FREE)





Live monthly sessions with Q&A

Access to current and archived recordings

Ongoing Support FREE
(Compare at $39/Month!)

Facebook Group

Interview Intervention Digital Experience
($27 value for FREE)

1 FREE Live CoachCast





Live monthly sessions with Q&A

Access to current and archived recordings

Ongoing Support FREE
(Compare at $39/Month!)

Facebook Group

Interview Intervention Digital Experience
($27 value for FREE)

3 FREE Live CoachCasts